Shock news! The first Global Logistics Enterprise Development Expo in 2021 is coming!

2020-12-17 Source: Jctrans

At the end of 2020, we're glad to inform the First Global Logistics Enterprise Development Expo will be held in Shanghai in March 2021!

At the end of 2020, we're glad to inform the First Global Logistics Enterprise Development Expo will be held in Shanghai in March 2021!



Combine offline and online 

There are 200 special booths and standard booths in offline venue, providing diversified display channels for participating companies; on-site mini booths specially set up for overseas agents to maximize the hotness of the on-site exhibition.



Offline standard booth



Mini booth renderings for overseas agents


The online cloud booth has 50 mini booths and 150 pure online booths. In addition to the 1V1 video, live broadcast and other functions, it also adds functional modules such as red envelope sharing, and adds logistics network celebrity voting and other links to comprehensively improve online sense of participation in the exhibition and the experience of exhibitors and visitors.



Online booth of participating companies


With exhibition and meeting, highlighting professionalism

In addition to setting up offline booths, the Expo will also hold four special matchmaking meetings.


The special matchmaking event will invite Chinese shipping industry giants, shipping company business backbones, Chinese railway industry experts, and cross-border e-commerce frontier scholars to come to the Expo to discuss topics that logistics companies care most face-to-face with participating customers.



Previous matchmaking meetings


At the same time, the special matchmaking event will be broadcast synchronously online in the form of live broadcast, and support online audience playback, online and offline linkage, to create a professional event in the logistics industry.



Online Expo Live Hall


One-to-one meeting, welcome banquet

One-to-one meeting, as the most popular part of the participants, will still be presented in this expo. You can locate the appointment time for negotiation, make precise appointments, exclusive time slots, and be efficient and pragmatic.



One-to-one meeting appointment agenda



One-to-one meeting offline



Online appointment chat area


The grand welcome banquet will be another stage for you to show your strength and make resources. A toast will make you a worthwhile trip.



Welcome banquet


This expo is co-hosted by JCtrans Logistics Network and AILA.




The two major logistics Internet platforms have joined forces and leveraged their respective advantages to jointly open up the two channels of government and government that restrict the development of global logistics companies during the epidemic.


Support Units(names not listed in order)

Tianjin international forwarders association

Shanghai international freight forwarders association

Zhongshan freight forwarder association

Ningbo international transport association

China (ningbo) cross-border E-commerce overseas alliance

Ningbo air freight association


Multi Plus Alliance 

Captain Club

Wuhan Freight Logistics Agency Association

Qingdao international logistics chamber of commerce

More exciting and more business opportunities, waiting for you to discover.

In March 2021, Shanghai, we will see you there!

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