Why International Multimodal Transport is More and More Popular?

2021-01-06 Source: Jctrans

The transport process jointly completed by two or more means of transport connecting and transferring is collectively called composite transport, which is conventionally called intermodality.Becuase of its advantages,it is more and more popular in international logistics​.


International multimodal transport refers to use the advantages of different transport ways in one section to make a coordination of them.It is a transport term which makes the shipper to enjoy the comprehensive superiority of different transport ways but in a uniform rule and regulation and use one same transport documents.

The transport process jointly completed by two or more means of transport connecting and transferring is collectively called composite transport, which is conventionally called intermodality.Becuase of its advantages,it is more and more popular in international logistics.

What are the advantages of multimodal transport?

International multimodal transport is a form of transport organization in which two or more different modes of transport are adopted.There are at least two modes of transport referred to here: land, land, air, sea, etc.


(1) Simplify shipping, settlement and claim procedures to save manpower, material resources and related costs:

Under international multimodal transport, all transport matters are handled by the multimodal transport operator, no matter how far the goods are transported, and no matter how many times the goods are changed during the transport.And the shipper only need to deal with a shipment, enter into a contract of carriage, a payment, a insurance, thereby saving the shipper to deal with a lot of inconvenience.

At the same time, because of the adoption of a single freight document and uniform billing, multimodal transport can also simplify the bill making and settlement procedures, save manpower and material resources. In addition, once the loss of goods and goods occurs in the process of transport, the multimodal transport operator is responsible for the entire transport, so it can also simplify the claims procedures, reduce claims costs.

(2) Shorten the transportation time of goods, reduce inventory, reduce damage and poor quality of goods, and improve freight quality:

In the international multimodal transport mode, the transport links between various means of transport and cooperate closely, cohesion is compact, wherever the goods quickly in a timely manner, greatly reduce the number of goods in transit time, thus fundamentally ensure the goods safety, rapid, accurate and timely arrived at the destination, and also reduces correspondingly inventory and inventory cost of the goods.

Also, multimodal transport is a direct transport through containers. Although the freight has to be changed many times in the way, the accidents of damage and loss of goods are greatly reduced due to the use of professional mechanical handling and the absence of bad cargo, thus improving the transport quality of goods to a great extent.

(3) Reduce transportation costs and save various expenses:

Because multimodal transport can be carried door to door, so for the owner, in the goods to carrier can get the freight documents, and according to the settlement of foreign exchange, thus in advance of the settlement of foreign exchange time.Not only does it speed up the flow of capital taken up by goods, but it also reduces the cost of interest.

In addition, as the goods are transported in containers, in a sense, the expenses of packing, tallying and insurance can be saved accordingly.

(4) Improve the level of transportation management to realize the rationalization of transportation:

For segment transport, because the operators of various modes of transport have their own systems, their business scope is limited and freight volume is correspondingly limited.And once the different transport operators to participate in multimodal transport, the scope of business can be greatly expanded, and at the same time can give full play to the role of its existing equipment, choose the best transport routes to organize reasonable transport.

(5) Other functions:

From the perspective of the government, the development of international multimodal transport has the following important significance: 

It is conducive to strengthening the supervision and management of the government over the whole cargo transport chain;

To ensure that the country in the whole process of freight transport to obtain a larger proportion of the freight income;

Contributing to the introduction of new advanced transportation technologies;

Reducing foreign exchange expenditure;

Improving the utilization of national infrastructure;

Through the macro-control and guidance function of the state to ensure that the use of transportation means of environmental damage  small to achieve the purpose of protecting the ecological environment.


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