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2021-03-29 Source: Jctrans

On 29th March 2021. The new version of international website is officially launched on line for public use by JCtrans Logistics Network.


March is the best time of the four seasons, all plants are growing and blooming on the earth. After a period of iteration, the new version of has finally kicked off on internet like a new butterfly just broken through the cocoon to fly into the fresh air in the spring.   


On 29th March 2021. The new version of international website is officially launched on line for public use by JCtrans Logistics Network. What’s the upgraded website? Let’s have a look of those new changes as follows:    


1. "New" service introduction. Know more about JCtrans Logistics Network. 


JCtrans Logistics Network ( is a third-party Internet platform with a history of 18 years in logistics industry. In the new version of, we have added more related presentations of JCtrans Logistics Network, our famous GCP products and the diversified services of JCtrans Logistics Network.     


2. "New" flexibility. Tailor to your habit of website usage efficiently.


In terms of website usage, our goal is to meet users habits on internet, thus, we have upgraded not only the PC terminal, but also carried out response adaptation for mobile terminal so that you can visit at anytime and anywhere, giving you a better sense of multi-terminal usage.           


In addition, the function of search box in the new version of international website for users is more dimensions ,search what you like to search, it’s easier to find your reliable freight forwarders or agents or partners. 



3. "New" business. More cargo resources for transport are obtained easily. 


The revised "Cargo Leads" function is based on the details of users' explore, which improves users experience in an all-round way through big data analysis. With a new style and inquiry mode to cover your demand, in addition, users are able to post your Cargo Leads for quotation, meanwhile, users can be noticed promptly by the website for new cargo resources. Much more business opportunities are waiting for your choice after comparing the offer price. 


4. "New" communications.  Leave your message at our website.  


A direct massage or live chat is a good communication like a bridge built between users and website. The new version of international website has also added this new message function



If you have any questions about the website or our GCP products, click on the bottom at right corner of the website anytime and anywhere, type your questions, our staff will help you as soon as possible. At the same time, information and news center, comments, member shop page are added. You can share your ideas at any column.  



5. "New" marketing. Help freight forwarders achieve multi-channel and self-marketing.  


In order to help global freight forwarding enterprises to achieve multi-channel and self-marketing on line through all medias, low cost and high efficient ways, each member shop page has been added a number of popular global social media sharing channels, including WeChat, WeChat Moments, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 


Meanwhile, members can also release their own social media accounts on the  member shop page to enlarge the dimension to display its freight forwarding business scope. 


In the past 18 years, JCtrans Logistics Network has accumulated a large number of high-quality freight forwarding resources at home and abroad, among which the registered users of our international website have reached 100,000, covering international logistics industry including freight forwarders, traders, inland transportation, warehousing, break bulk charterers, customs brokers and so on from all over the world.At present, JCtrans Logistics Network has more than 2,200 GCP members from 594 cities in 167 countries.   


The new website of JCtrans Logistics Network has been combined the demand dimension of global small and medium-sized freight forwarding enterprises together with the whole service philosophy of JCtrans network, it makes great innovation from the aspects of service introduction, users experience, product function, users feedback, self-marketing and so on. 


All the new changes reflects that JCtrans Logistics Network is highly focus on the sense of users experience and satisfaction. JCtrans Logistics Network will keep on the spirit of "career, cooperation, innovation" to create a better service for global users, furthermore, the company’s goal is to help millions of global logistics enterprises to make interests in the global market. 

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