One-on-One Meeting: Pioneering Cooperation and Mutual Benefit

2019-09-26 Source: Jctrans

The 11th Global Freight Forwarders Conference, hosted by JCtrans Logistics Network, was opened at Guangzhou Nanfung Langham Place

The 11th Global Freight Forwarders Conference, hosted by JCtrans Logistics Network, was opened at Guangzhou Nanfung Langham Place. It brought together more than 100 countries and regions around the world, more than 2,000 senior enterprises executives to attend the summit.


The atmosphere of the meeting was warm, and representatives of Chinese and foreign enterprises with different skin colours and languages took turns to conduct one-to-one meeting. Despite the large number of business representatives participating in one-to-one meeting, the meetings were in good order and friendly. Sincere eyes and language and face-to-face communication methods enable Chinese and foreign logistics enterprises to express their "advantages" and "needs" without obstacles, realize the transformation from "country-to-country expectations" to "face-to-face exchanges", and open up more business cooperation opportunities.


The meeting consist of pre-conference appointments and communication on the meeting.Before the meeting,through one-to-one negotiation and reservation system,company’s respective advantages are on display, match accurately, invite and negotiate on-line independently, improve the negotiation efficiency during the meeting, open up high-end contacts for enterprises, enhance mutual trust, promote business cooperation, and create unlimited opportunities.Many participating enterprises indicated that the communication efficiency of the fair was very high, which brought many business opportunities for the development of the company. In the free negotiation area, participants are also free to dock and negotiate business, the scene atmosphere is relaxed and active.


Brand exhibition is another feature of the Conference.Brand booth not only builds a display platform for enterprises to show their strength and business advantages, also makes enterprises the focus during the conference period, increases the exposure of enterprises, and can also be used as exclusive negotiation table for enterprises during the fair, win more communication opportunities, and fully expand business and resources.

The conference has a compact schedule and time, which enables both sides of communication to have a certain understanding of each other and saves time.More than 20,000 rounds of "one-to-one meeting" will be held during the three-day conference.The number of customers for the enterprises participating in the conference is far more than usual. The conference builds a platform for mutual exchange between the enterprises participating in the conference and realizes win-win cooperation.

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