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    JCtrans provides global logistics enterprises with a platform to find trustworthy partners with great reputation.
    As a global freight forwarding network, JCtrans has been applying stringent restrictions related to companies considered “lost in credibility”.
    We suggest that no members should conduct any business with any company listed on the JCtrans Blacklist.

    Information as below:

    Caravan Cargo L.L.C.

    1 Cases Pending
    USD 25,000.00
    Caravan Cargo L.L.C.,Al Mira Building, King Abdullah Road, ,Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia ,,Debt Incurred in April, 2013,Debtor entered into an agreement to pay $25,000.00 USD through their attorneys reducing the amount from 49,603.14 USD but they have failed to pay the balance of $25,000.00
    It will be highly appreciated if you can assist with any information you may have to JCtrans Network
    Thanks for your kindly attention and cooperation in advance
    JCtrans will do our best to guard members’ benefits and build a platform with good faith

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