Gneral Rate Increase! How Freight Forwarders Go Through the "Peak Season"?

2020-11-18 Source: Jctrans

The normal development of international trade and logistics has been disrupted by the epidemic.And freight forwarders are facing many problems like GRI.How freight forwarders go through the peak season?The shipping company is also trying their best to


As is known to all,the normal development of international trade and logistics has been disrupted by the epidemic.The demands of China’s export market is very strong now but there are also many problems in maritime market at the same time.

Freight forwarders are facing the following problems:

such as shortage of containers,full shipping space, containers rejection, higher and higher freight and so on.

Maersk(Greater China) informed a customer advisory on 17th Nov.2020,as following,


We have concluded the following information from the customer advisory.

1. The current development of world economy and trade and the operation of supply chain have been affected and challenged by unprecedented factors, and shipping companies have been looking for solutions.

2. For ships and containers entering from ports outside China, it may take longer to complete the quarantine inspection of berthing at ports.

3. The congestion of ports outside China makes the punctuality rate of all routes unstable.(Not on-schedule berthing/departure cannot be controlled by the forwarders)

4. As many countries are experiencing the second outbreak of the epidemic, it is estimated that the shortage of empty containers will continue...

5. Export booking at Chinese ports has to face cancellation of booking and delay of shipment due to shortage of containers.

6. Shipping companies are also doing their best to meet customers' demand for stability of marine service.


In above,we can see that the peak season has arrived,shortage of empty containers,the higher freight and full shipping space are to be continued···even in next month.


Here give you a Price Increase New of shipping company:

 MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. will be implementing a General Rates Increase (GRI) on all cargo moving from Tianjinxingang to Australia and NewZealand Ports with effective date: Dec. 1st, 2020 (Proforma Date) General RatesIncrease (GRI):


USD 1000 per teu to all Australia and New Zealand PODs ex all Far East ports


In the face of the negative impact of the epidemic, no one is an outsider, we have to face it together!

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