Shipping Accident:MSC Aries Lost about 41 containers in Pacific Ocean

2021-02-03 Source: Jctrans

An MSC container ship has become another giant boxship to lose containers overboard in the Pacific Ocean.

An MSC container ship has become another giant boxship to lose containers overboard in the Pacific Ocean.



MSC Aries lost about 41 containers overboard as it sailed from Long Beach, California to China on January 29. MSC has since confirmed the incident and informs that the containers lost were all empty.


“MSC Aries, deployed on the Sequoia service on voyage US053S, met with heavy weather while en route from Long Beach to Ningbo,” MSC said in a statement.



MSC reports that the vessel is expected to berth at the Port of Ningbo on or around February 3, where a cargo assessment will take place.


Out of the bunch, MSC Aries is the only one that was returning to Asia at the time and the containers lost were reported to be empty.This exacerbated the shortage of containers during the epidemic.


MSC Aries is a 14,300 TEU-capacity containership built in 2020 and registered in Portugal.

Recently, accidents of containers lost are frequent.

On November 20, 2020,a 8540 TEU-capacity containership Maersk “SEROJIA LIMA” lost at least 27 containers in the north ,and damaged at least 90 containers.

On November 11, 2020,"ONE Apus" met with heavy weather while en route from Yantian to Long Beach,this accident made up to 2250 containers lost and damaged.

On December 2, 2020, about 200 containers of the "MUNICH MAERSK" container ship under Maersk crashed into the sea about 90 nautical miles north of Schiermonnikoog island in Northern Europe.

On January 2, 2021, Evergreen’s “EVER LIBERAL” container ship encountered huge waves and strong winds on its way from Busan to Los Angeles, causing 36 40ft containers to fall into the water and 21 40ft containers to collapse on board.


On January 16, 2021, Maersk’s "MAERSK ESSEN" encountered bad weather on the way from Xiamen to Los Angeles, causing about 750 containers to fall into the water, and some collapsed and damaged containers.

Foreign forwarders who have cargo on "MSC ARIES" please pay attention to it and pay timely attention to the information of shipping company and ship dynamics to understand the delay of shipping date and the damage of goods.

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