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    Basic Information

    145 A, Rozybakiev str., 050060 Almaty Kazakhstan



    Company Profile

    Real Time of Delivery LLP was founded in 1997 and next year became an associate partner of TNT Express in providing of international courier and freight forwarding services on the territory of Kazakhstan. TNT Express has terminated the joint operating agreement after 20 years of cooperation due to acquisition of TNT Express by FedEx. Nowadays Real Time of Delivery LLP continues to provide the whole complex of freight-forwarding services in the territory of Kazakhstan and overseas. The company has representative offices in the largest cities of Kazakhstan and network of agents among the country. Real Time of Delivery LLP has a subsidiary company which provides customs clearance services for export, import shipments and all related operations of a customs broker. Real Time of Delivery LLP includes the following scope of activities: - express (air) and economy (ground) delivery of documents, parcels and cargos from/to any location in Kazakhstan and around the world on the basis of "door to door"; - the entire range of processing services of the necessary documents required for transportation; - customs clearance for any type of parcels and cargos; - loading and unloading operations; - provision of safe and secure deliveries; - monitoring and control of shipments throughout the route, providing real-time location data and status of shipments; - insurance; - special packaging; - provision of special services: awkward, fragile, temperature sensitive, dangerous, time-critical, etc.
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