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  • 5 Shanghai Sendian Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd.

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    Room 502, Building 3, Jianan Hongta Plaza , No. 655, Jiujing Road, Jiuting Town 201615 ,Shanghai

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    Company Profile

    shanghai sendian chain management is a specialized supply chain management service provider based in China with global presence. The company aims to build up the nation-wide service network and full-range professional capabilities in terms of SCM solution development & consultancy, international logistics (incl. project logistics & contract logistics), information technologies, trading brokerage, Customs declaration & CIQ, purchasing & distribution execution, warehousing & delivery, supply chain financing and so on. The company has established partnership with multi-industry verticals incl. auto and auto parts, hardware, electronics, chemical and FMCG and well recognized by its customers in terms of abundant experience, professional solution and excellent operations. Looking forward, the company will continuously improve the customer satisfaction by optimizing cost, improving efficiency, expediting capital utilization and shortening the time to market.
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