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    South Africa-Johannesburg
    Unit 9, 10 Covora Road, Jetpark, Boksburg


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    Sanbonani Transport and Trading are a registered Customs Clearing & Forwarding company based in Jet Park, South Africa. Feel free to visit our website www.sanbonanitransportandtrading.com We do have our own vehicles to do the transportation. Our vehicles are bond registered with Customs. Kindly note we use our own truck for Swaziland, Windhoek, Botswana and Lesotho. Kindly note all our vehicles is bond registered. Sanbonani have the following size trucks/vehicles available: 1.5 Ton Air Suspension H100 Bakkie 5 Ton (1) – Closed Refrigerated truck 5 Ton (2) - Closed 8 Ton (1) - Closed Chev Utility bakkie Sanbonani make use of subbies for bigger loads to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Lusaka and Windhoek. Commodities of shipments transport in Africa. Example. Dried fruits & nuts, Furniture, Chemicals, Tools & Spare Parts, Cosmetics products, Gas equipment, Rugs, Outdoor camping equipment, Machinery parts, Fertilizer, Aeroplane engines, Engines, Transformers, Medicaments & Tables and Chairs. We can assist with local transportation example. Mine Equipment, Transformers & various goods to places in South Africa. Please note we can assist with refrigerated vehicles as well to transport the pharmaceutical shipments. Example. Vaccines, Medical Cannabis, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Frozen goods. We serve the following countries: · Botswana · Zimbabwe · Lesotho · Mozambique · Lusaka · Swaziland · Namibia We do offer warehousing for non-bonded cargo.
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