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    19F, Street 28, Quarter 7, Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam



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    Constantly improving logistics solutions effectively. Providing competitive service quality in the market. optimize core values in each activity. That is the mission that FBI Logistics aims to become a leading shipping service provider in Vietnam. FBI Logistics was born with the desire to create value for customers, become a reliable logistics center in Vietnam, and a strategic logistics partner of domestic and international customers. To that end, we have built a solid foundation. Transport connection system in 57 countries. The large scale of nationwide transportation. Security system, safe transportation. Set up flexible payment methods. 24/7 free consultation support. In parallel with the establishment of guaranteed operating systems. In 2021, FBI logistics has joined prestigious Logistics associations such as JC Tran, VLA, FIATA, VCCI. At the same time, implementing ISO 9001 - 2015 to meet British and American ANAB certification standards. Completing the contract with many reputable shipping lines to meet booking and space in the peak season. Connecting to a global agent system makes handling goods easy and safe wherever you go. Building an integrated domestic transport operation system with enough potential to meet any form of transportation. We offer 11 main services currently included. International sea freight services. Export (FCL). Console (LCL). Import: FCL, LCL. International air freight. Customs Service. Domestic shipping. Express delivery. Warehouse service. Break Bulk Cargo Service. Cargo insurance. Overseas. In addition, 2 NVOCC and Depot services will be deployed in the period of 2022-2025. With International Sea Shipping EXPORT by CONTAINER (FCL). FBI Logistics signed service contracts with reputable shipping lines to provide customers with a variety of routes and ensure full booking at the most economical cost. About cargo insurance services. As an official agent of cargo insurance. FBI Logistics is committed to always ensuring the benefits for customers. Low insurance cost but insurance compensation for 100% of the value of the goods or 110% of the value of the goods depending on the customer's needs. Overseas Department brings to customers as well as agents around the world competitive services, cost-saving, time-saving, value enhancement, and safest economic efficiency for customers. NVOCC department: is an agency unit operating as a shipping line, sharing seats, buying seats with international ships. Will be researched and deployed by FBI Logistics and put into operation in 2022 -2025. Depot Service: will be researched and deployed by the FBI and put into operation in 2023 - 2025, storing full containers, empty containers, gathering places for goods. With strengths in platform systems, personnel as well as diverse services. FBI logistics has developed a development strategy for the period 2021 - 2025. Accordingly, the Year 2022: Launmmerce system and demo customer experience. Set up branches across t
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