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    Basic Information

    Karadjordjeva 89, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia



    Company Profile

    Translucent Logistics is international logistics company in Belgrade in Serbia with aim to act as an indispensable logistics partner to our clients by helping them to build and maximize their competitive advantages through efficient transportation process. With a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, we provide a comprehensive range of logistics solutions with deep understanding of the key business challenges across the freight and logistics sector. Translucent logistics’s team members are fully aware that our client’s business and supply chain capacities need perfect execution of transportation requests in order to achieve and expand its growth and profitability goals. Many years in logistics industry are more than asset for our experts who make custom logistics freight solutions in order to facilitate shipments at any time without geographical barriers, making it possible to transport cargo without limitations, always choosing the shortest and most direct route across the globe.
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