Interview with Kelly Gutterres, Logistics Manager of Afianci Assessoria Internacional LTDA

Source:Jctrans     29-01-2022

Kelly Gutterres Logistics Manager

JCtrans: Would you please make a brief introduction of your company?

Kelly Gutterres: Afianci Global Networking was first started in 2013. Over the years, our company has grown into one of the main companies in Southern Brazil for international business through the development of a wide array of services and different ways to support our customers and partners.

Our primary area of focus is on the international logistics market, where we can supply multi-modal services for import and export all accomplished through our vast network of partners and service providers. 
In order to better support and add value to our logistics department, we have been able to institute our customs clearance team, which aids customers in:
-Customs clearance
-Company accreditation for international business
-Product registration and certification
-Tax and benefits cost analysis for importing companies
Due to our position within a highly productive region in Brazil, we have also developed a business development department, which aids customers in the search for international suppliers and in exporting their own goods, thus creating opportunities for companies that otherwise would not have a chance to insert themselves in the international market.
All of these services work in tandem and are deeply supported by our own facilities in China, which we have run since 2014. Our team in China, composed by Brazilian and Chinese employees offers a wide variety of services, aiming at providing more security, reliability and peace of mind for our customers and partners. As a result, Afianci is now at the forefront when it comes to bringing solutions in international business for our customers, who can rely on a one-stop-shop operation for all of their needs.


JCtrans: Would you please talk about your core-competitiveness?

Kelly Gutterres: As a service provider for international business and commerce, it has been the expressed goal of Afianci to be a provider of a wide array of services. Thus, since its inception, we have aimed at expanding on the current paradigm of extreme specialization that permeates our line of work. As a result, the company has structured itself around many departments, which work in conjunction with one another in order to offer a full range of solutions for our customers.

Primarily, our services surround international freight services, but our services also include extensive services for product registration, import licensing and customs clearance services, aiming at the development of a complete package of solutions for our customers. Furthermore, we have developed a complete department for business development. This is primarily the result of our position in Caxias do Sul, which is a very large production center in Southern Brazil, especially for the automotive and heavy industry segments. Our business development services aid these companies both in the sourcing of new products and suppliers and also, crucially, for the export of their products, which continuously boosts companies into the international market with security and profitability. This is best exemplified by our continuous development as one of the main service providers for the photovoltaic industry in Brazil, where we have specialized at product development and registration services for customers.


JCtrans: What do you think is the most important thing to run a logistics company?

Kelly Gutterres: -Being able to offer a large variety of services and solutions;
-Developing robust ant trustworthy business relationships with other service providers, both domestically and internationally;
-Placing the customer of the center of our operations, thus allowing for greater flexibility and personalized care for their demands;
-Creating a team that, through a multi-disciplinary approach, is able to innovate in its output.


JCtrans: Would you please talk about the situation of logistic industry in your country?

Kelly Gutterres: Brazil has a strong potential to develop, but high logistics costs are holding back the market. Brazil has also become an important producer and supplier of food on global scale due to its high agricultural potential in the past decade, but our country relies heavily on roadways for transportation of the goods over long distances and under underdeveloped road conditions which have raised transportation costs and reduced competitiveness in recent years. Despite all the challenges due to lack of infrastructure in the logistics sector, the market shows growth due to increasing e-commerce in the country and improving trade relations with China and other countries.

Despite the spread of COVID-19, Brazil had a steady economic growth in the last years related to logistics, with an increase in the number of cargoes transported, but also with more technology and agility in the sector.  

JCtrans: Would you please talk about your strategy to explore foreign market?

Kelly Gutterres: Afianci's constant search for opportunities within the international market has always been able to develop solutions around the globe. However, our main focus for operational solutions and business development has been through working on import solutions for Brazilian companies that seek to import goods from China. This has been the impetus for our institution and organization of our own facilities in Shanghai since 2014. Through our dealings with suppliers, trading companies and service providers in China we have been able to present assertive solutions for our customers, which are greatly amplified by our physical presence close to suppliers, allowing us provide our customers with a great degree of certainty and security when dealing with foreign institutions. This is also the case when exporting Brazilian products, where our network of international products allows us to completely supply our clients with the services they demand and thus becoming a beacon for their international development.

Such assertiveness in international negotiations has placed Afianci as a prime candidate for the development of new markets and as a trendsetter among our regional competitors. As a result, we have been able to become one of the main service providers for importers in the solar energy industry in Brazil, and to continue our expanse into other segments and product development.

Our success in exploring the international market comes as a direct result of our competence in the many different services we offer, thus allowing our customers to be more profitable and secure in their international negotiations.

JCtrans: What is the reason that makes you become a GCP member to develop your business?

Kelly Gutterres: Afianci is already a strong player for international business in Southern Brazil. Our service options aim at promoting complete solutions for our customers in international freight, business development and international operations. By becoming a GCP member, we aim at increasing the scope and security of our services through access to the insurance coverage for financial transactions and through the increased access to JCtrans partners around the globe, which undoubtedly will be a great asset to our customers and business partners. It is also our goal to expand our business scope beyond our regional reach. Thus, becoming a GCP Member can offer opportunities to reach new collaborators, service providers and partners both domestically and internationally, and in the main ports around the world. We aim at increasing the scope and security of our services through access to the insurance coverage and through the increased access to partners around the globe, which will be a great asset to our customers and partners. It is our goal to expand our business scope beyond our regional reach and becoming a solid partner to JCtrans can offer opportunities to reach new service providers and partners domestically and internationally and in the main ports around the world.

JCtrans: How do you maintain a long-term cooperation relationship with your clients?

Kelly Gutterres: We believe that the best way to develop and maintain any business relationship with our customer comes as a result of developing mutually beneficial opportunities within the international market.

As a result, our goal when working alongside our customers is always to offer solutions and opportunities for improvement, which can be found in any of the different departments employed on our customer development. This usually entails bringing new or novel solutions to their business as well as offering assertive and profitable services for their demands.

Primarily, we believe that our market intelligence and business development are particularly key in defining the success of our customers and in strengthening their trust in Afianci. When developing new suppliers or seeking viable options for export, we are able to bring new players to the international market, thus increasing the market size while developing a business relationship that is conducive to long-term investments.

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