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    ARDI Express - an Amazon shipping company from CALIFORNIA

    Source:ARDI EXPRESS LLC September 28,2022

    We are ARDI Express - an Amazon shipping company from CALIFORNIA that provides excellent customer service and international FBA shipments. Whether you’re new to the game or looking for ways of streamlining your process, we have got what it takes!


    We are a top rated member of Amazon SPN.


    ARDI Express specialize in the next services :
    - ocean freight (FCL/LCL)
    - air freight
    - express shipments
    - import, customs clearance and brokerage
    - containers drayage 
    - containers dividing 
    - last mile delivery to FBA (everyday pick up)
    - last mile delivery to the private warehouse and residential addresses
    - fast appointment with Amazon FBA
    - long storage (3500 pallets places in the warehouse)
    - cross-docking

    Our benefits : 
    - warehouse area 51 000 SF
    - fast turnover (24 hours)
    - CRM and WMS systems 
    - UPS & Fedex everyday pick up

    Our location:
    Los Angeles, California, city of Riverside
    8-30 minutes driving to Amazon FBA: LGB6, ONT8, ONT9, LGB9, LAX9, LGB4, SBD2, etc.
    40-60 minutes driving from the seaport of Long Beach.

    ARDI Express offers an unparalleled experience with over 1 million units processed in less than 10k shipments worldwide which demonstrates our ability to be nimble when it comes down to shipping goods from one place all across Amazon's network of fulfillment centers. ARDI Express FBA Prep Services include: labeling, poly bagging, quality checks, storage, and bundling/kitting.
    We can store products for customers at our warehouses across America - California, Florida & New York, as well Great Britain and China. Our logistics team will expertly manage the shipping of your goods. We're able to ship them from wherever they are in China, Canada, or the USA for you! With our storage services, sellers can stock products in the country where they are selling for faster delivery to buyers.

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