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    Hongkong warehous exper

    Source:Shenzhen Tianchengda Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. September 14,2022

    Since 2016, Gshipper Hong Kong has been focusing on warehousing and logistics services of cross-border e-commerce and serving numerous huge selling platforms in Shenzhen. At present, Gshipper Hong Kong has reached in-depth cooperation with Xiaomi and Xiaomi Ecological Chain, and has the capacity to handle 150,000 packages per month. Apart from 3C products, Gshipper Hong Kong also provides products of various major beauty brands such as: Sk-ii, Estee Lauder, Chantecaille, NARS, MakeUpForEver and so on do inventory quality inspection, for Tmall International, Xiaohongshu, worthy to buy and other platforms supply. Gshipper Hong Kong warehouse is located in A1, 3rd Floor, Block A, Lok Sheng Industrial Center, No. 58-66 Dalian Pai Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong. The warehouse covers an area of 13,000 feet. It can distinguish normal temperature area from constant temperature area, store products according to different types, and can accommodate additional kinds of products. The industrial building where the warehouse is located has an extremely large scale, which can enter and exit 45HQ height cabinet, and more than 10 loading and unloading platforms can be berthing for simultaneous loading and unloading, avoiding the problem of loading and unloading queuing in the busy hours of the traditional industrial building. It only takes more than 30 minutes to drive to Hong Kong International airport and more than 10 minutes to Kwai Chung Ferry Terminal. Besides, the sorting centers of mainstream e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, such as LAZADA Hong Kong Sorting Center and Shopee Hong Kong Sorting Center, are located nearby. We cooperate with the warehouse's own fleet to go to and from the wharf, airport and local industrial buildings every day, which makes us have the most direct time-saving advantage in handling the transfer of goods and shipments, and the shipper is more efficient. Focus on the third party intelligence collection warehouse distribution and supply Chain services, warehouse management team for the mainland/Hong Kong employees, not only can effectively to meet the needs of the delivery from mainland China, Hong Kong, also can achieve high cooperation degree, Gshipper warehouse operation team has numerous years of operating experience, on the basis of logistics operation, also provide customized services to businesses, Such services as product quality inspection, return and exchange, secondary packaging, B2C order global direct delivery, B2B international logistics and transportation are strategic partners of major cross-border e-commerce sellers.


    Gshipper Hong Kong has deep cooperation with Gshopper, a large global shopping platform. As the official warehouse of the platform, Gshipper will process orders issued by the platform. It only takes 2-3 working days from order delivery to goods delivery and logistics online. Independent corresponding product labels will be generated in the warehousing process of goods. The self-developed ERP system will accurately check the operation of orders and provide efficient data sorting assistance, so as to reduce the case of wrong goods in orders and effectively solve the pain point that e-commerce sellers need to spend a lot of time dealing with customer complaints.


    In the field of traditional storage, we also have abundant experience. The constant temperature area and normal temperature area in the warehouse can be stored for different goods categories. The perfect cargo management process and complete warehouse tools and equipment enable us to deal with customers flexibly and change, especially when the urgent needs also have sufficient operation ability!


    Gshipper is a professional e-commerce service expert. For more details, please feel free to inquire.

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