1 Shanghai Feedback International Logistics Co.,Ltd

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Room1707,No 16, Huayuan Road, Hongkou Dist,Shanghai.



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As one of the top-ranking forwarders,Shanghai Feedback International Logistics co.,Ltd. specialize in logistics and freight transportation.Our business mainly covers container transportation and other logistics services at full range.We provide ocean export and air export services which including space booking, distribution,warehousing, transshipment, containers’ consolidation, customs declaration, quarantine,insurance and H/H combined transportation. We also provide various of ship movement service,freight rate, maritime information as well as consultation service.We keep vantages on the lines to the Europe & America, Central & South America and Southeast Asia.We have a great number of clients from all over China including many factories andtrading company agents.This strong network enables us to provide a safe transportation to your cargo.Our company has a large warehouse. The warehouse is close to the harbor area andis equipped with topflight facilities. Our staff are conscientious. These guarantee a safe transportationof your cargo. We have good cooperation with many carriers, customs brokers andharbor administration which help us to provide our clients with quality service and competitive price.Currently, we are the logistics supplier of many Chinese clients. During the cooperation with these companies,we have gained rich experiences on import and export of your shpt.
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