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Knowledge about 2 documents of DG transportation

Source:Jiangsu Judphone International Logistics Co., Ltd. July 22,2022

The purpose of the goods transportation conditions identification report is to ensure the transportation safety and understand the transportation risk of goods. The identification of the transportation conditions is to make identification and recommendations based on domestic and foreign regulations, standards and transportation safety for the transportation of dangerous goods. Determine whether the goods are general cargo or dangerous goods, divided into sea and air. When doing the identification of cargo transportation conditions, 5-10 grams of samples and an application form need to be provided. General cargo export booking is required to provide this report.

The classification identification report is to determine whether the dangerous goods are in the 2015 hazardous chemicals catalog, and whether or not to provide a commodity inspection report. When dangerous goods are exported, but you are not sure whether commodity inspection is required, you can make a classification and identification report of dangerous characteristics, and the report will be processed by the relevant customs department.


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