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    Source:Nova Supply Chain Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd September 29,2022

    Nova Group Nova Group is a well-known comprehensive logistics service provider in Russia. Its headquarters is located in the Empire State Building in Moscow city, and it has set up operation centers in Minsk, Belarus, Shenzhen in the Pearl River Delta, Yiwu in the Yangtze River Delta and Chengdu in the southwest of China. The business is China-Russia import and export trains, China-Europe Qatar Airways, and container operations.


    We are committed to providing customers with highly competitive standardized logistics solutions, and we have maintained close cooperation with China-Europe freight train platforms such as Yixinou, Yuxinou and Changan for many years. In Russia and Belarus, it has its own international car fleet. And relying on the rich experience in the field of cross-border logistics, it has further developed products such as the China-Europe sea-rail combined transportation line and the China-Europe truck express line. Provide cross-border sellers with all-round, high-quality, stable timeliness and cost-effective cross-border logistics services.


    China-Europe freight train export booking service: We have maintained close cooperation with China-Europe freight train platforms such as Yixinou, Bay Area Code, and Yuxinou for many years to provide public freight train booking services. Column: Timing, fixed point, fixed line, fixed price, fixed station, stable departure time, effectively guaranteeing the transportation efficiency.     China-Europe train import whole train/joint train transport: Relying on the national strategy of the Belt and Road, we provide cross-border trade customers with full train/joint train transport services for China-Europe return trains.     


    Customized trains: point-to-point China-Europe trains are opened according to the needs of customers. Go as you go, with relatively low restrictions on cargo, higher priority for accommodation acceptance, and more flexible delivery time, which can greatly improve transportation timeliness.     Timber train: NOVA is the main organizer of the China-Europe timber train import train. It will open 300+ imported timber trains in 2021 and has a complete service network in the Russian CIS region.    


     China-Europe Truck Express Line: Our China-Europe trucks have formed a complete supply chain system in transportation, customs clearance, transit, border warehouse, destination customs clearance and distribution, etc., and have achieved Xinjiang Alashankou Port, Horgos Port, Baketu Port, and There are multiple outbound routes at Manzhouli Port in Inner Mongolia, with destinations covering all countries in Europe.      


    China-Russia LCL: We have our own LCL center, which can flexibly meet the needs of customers for LCL business. The fixed-time delivery ensures the efficiency of LCL and maximizes customer satisfaction. It has its own warehouse and is equipped with full-time warehouse management personnel to ensure the storage and safety issues of customers' goods after they arrive in the warehouse.

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    company profileSeptember 29,2022

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