HAVI Freight Management

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HAVI Freight Management

HAVI Freight Management is an integral part of the HAVI GRoup and is able to offer a wide range of multimodal transport solutions globally to customers to complement the distribution solutions.We support our customer's growth plans with a comprehensive set of soltuions across five continents, in the ares of ocean and domestic freight services. Descriptions of our services are below :
1) Ocean, Air and Land Freight Management
2) Purchase Order Management
3) Supply Chain Visibility
4) Freight Procurement
5) Customs Clearance
6) Marine Insurance & Claim Management
7) Warehousing & Consolidation
8) Logistics Solutions
9) Account Management
10) Finance Management
11) Supply Chain Support
12) Quality Systems & Food Safety
13) Network Optimization

As the sole logistic service provider of Mcdonald, HAVI is one of leading cold chain logistic company and boast rich experiences for handling frozen and fresh goods. Over 70% of the volume are temperature controlled.

Main Services